Provides a handy method for having a handy extensible script for running elasticsearch searches and displaying the results.
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It provides a dynamic system for searching logs stored in Elasticsearch. Currently it has out of the box support for the items below.

It has 5 parts that are listed below.

  • options : Getopt::Long options that are parsed after the initial basic options. These are stored and used with the search and output template.
  • elastic : This is a JSON that contains the options that will be used to initialize Search::Elasticsearch.
  • search : This is a Template template that will be fed to Search::Elasticsearch->search.
  • output : This is a Template template that will be be used on each found item.

It will search for those specified in the following order.

  1. $ENV{‘HOME’}.'/.config/essearcher/'.$part.'/'.$name
  2. $base.'/etc/essearcher/'.help.'/'.$name
  3. Search::ESsearcher::Templates::$name->$part (except for elastic)



pkg install perl5 p5-JSON p5-Error-Helper p5-Template p5-Template-Plugin-JSON p5-Time-ParseDate p5-Term-ANSIColor p5-Data-Dumper
cpanm Search::ESsearcher



yum install cpanm 
cpanm Search::ESsearcher


apt install perl perl-base perl-modules make cpanminus
cpanm Search::ESsearcher