RAID status poller framework for Perl. Providing nagios/icinga and LibreNMS JSON app style checks.
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RAID status poller framework for Perl.

For the Perl documentation, please see .

Supported Backends


  • FreeBSD GEOM
    • RAID - RAID BIOS support as seen in various cheap Intel, JMicron, NVIDIA, Promise, etc chipsets.
    • Mirror
    • RAID3
  • Linux
    • mdadm
  • ZFS


  • Avago
    • tw_cli
  • Adaptec
    • arcconf



pkg install perl5 p5-JSON p5-Error-Helper
# If it asks you if you want to automatically configure CPAN, it is generally safe to say yes.
cpan Device::RAID::Poller



Doing the following as root. When cpan asks you if you want to setup as much as possible automatically, it is safe to answer with yes. In general select sudo as it will make it easiest to use from multiple users, such as most configuration it will be simplest to install it globally and not rely on local::lib.

yum install cpan
cpan Module::Build Module::List Device::RAID::Poller


This has been tested as working on Debian 9 minimal.

apt install perl perl-base perl-modules make
cpan Module::Build Module::List Device::RAID::Poller

Monitoring Configuration

Nagios Style


First you need to add it to nrpe.conf in a manner similar to as below.

command[check_raid]=/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/local/bin/check_raid -n

In general this will be running as nagios and the like, possibly requiring the use of sudo, meaning adding something below to your suders file.

nagios ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/check_raid

Icinga2 Check Command Object

Below adds the check command that checks the previously configured nrpe setup.

object CheckCommand "rcheck_raid" {
    import "nrpe"
    vars.nrpe_command = "rcheck_raid"


This can easily be added as a extend

extend check_raid /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/local/bin/check_raid -p

The -p flag is not needed, only if you want to make debugging the output easy for debugging when polling from like LibreNMS or the like.