Display all process table info, open files, and network connections for a PID.
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Display all process table, open files, and network connections for a PID.


Command Line Options

-a        Show a_inodes.
-d        Do not dedup.
-f        Show FIFOs.
-m        Show memory mapped libraries of the REG type.
-n        Do not resolve PTR addresses.
--nc      Disable color.
-p        Show pipes.
-r        Show show VREG / files.
-t        Show shared libraries.
-u        Show unix sockets.

Enviromental Variables

The enviromental variables below may be set to set the default for the flag in question.

Unless set to defined ands set to 1, these will default to 0.

Variable Description
NO_COLOR If set to 1, color will be disabled.
PIDDLER_dont_dedup If set to 1, duplicate file handles are removed.
PIDDLER_dont_resolv If set to 1, PTR addresses will not be resolved for network connections.
PIDDLER_a_inode If set to 1, a_inode types will be shown.
PIDDLER_fifo If set to 1, FIFOs will not be shown.
PIDDLER_memreglib If set to 1, memory mapped libraries with the type REG will be shown.
PIDDLER_pipe If set to 1, pipes will not be shown.
PIDDLER_txt If set to 1, libraries with the TXT type will not be shown.
PIDDLER_unix If set to 1, unix socket will not be shown.
PIDDLER_vregroot If set to 1, VREG / will not be shown.



pkg install perl5 p5-App-cpanminus
cpanm Proc::ProcessTable::piddler



yum install cpanm
cpanm Proc::ProcessTable::piddler


This has been tested as working on Debian 9 minimal.

apt install perl perl-base perl-modules make cpanminus gcc 
cpanm Proc::ProcessTable::piddler